The Enhance store is a single source of truth and how you get access to complex data types such as Array and Object inside your Custom Element pure functions. This is needed because attributes can only be of type string. Enhance projects are also preconfigured to pass initial state from API routes. This single source of truth is how you pass application data to your Custom Element pure functions.

Access store

The store is available from the state argument passed to your Custom Element pure function.

export default function MyMessage({ html, state }) {
  const { store } = state
  const { message } = store

  return html`

Use attrs as keys

One powerful technique is to use your element’s attributes as keys to access complex data from your store

export default function MyElement({ html, state }) {
  const { attrs, store } = state
  const { message = '', bookId = '' } = attrs
  const { books = {} } = store
  const book = books[bookId]
  const bookTitle = book.title || ''

  return html`

That’s it

You now know how to pass application data to your elements to be used in pages. Read more about Enhance projects api and api routes to learn how to incorporate data.

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