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Enhance ships with everything you need to build a production ready app.

File-based routing
Organize your pages as easily as a desktop folder.
Database-backed APIs
Access and store data with simple JavaScript functions.
SSR composable HTML Custom Elements
Build reusable components with HTML and scoped CSS.
Web Component progressive enhancement
Add client-side interaction just where you need it.
app ├── api ............... data routes │ └── index.mjs ├── browser ........... Web Components │ └── index.mjs ├── elements .......... Custom Elements │ └── my-header.mjs └── pages ............. HTML file-based routing └── index.html

SSR Web Components

Build server rendered custom elements that seamlessly upgrade to interactive Web Components.

Progressive By Design

Enhance makes the right way the easy way. Start with a version that works everywhere for everyone. Incrementally upgrade interactive elements from there.


The web platform has what you need and never goes out of fashion

When you learn Enhance, you’re learning development approaches that will last as long as the web does.

Scoped DOM Updates

Scoped DOM Updates
class MyMessage extends HTMLElement { constructor() { super() this.paragraph = this.querySelector('p') } static get observedAttributes() { return [ 'message' ] } attributeChangedCallback(attr, oldValue, newValue) { if (oldValue !== newValue) { if (attr === 'message') { this.paragraph.textContent = newValue } } } }

No need for a full page render to update one element

Ditch throbbers and loading screens by removing framework bloat and authoring only the code you need.

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