Why Enhance?

Our mission is to enable anyone to build multi-page dynamic web apps while staying as close to the web platform as possible.

Enhance fills in the gaps to make building for both the backend and the browser a seamless experience for web authors and consumers.

Modern JavaScript frameworks introduce more problems than they solve by attempting to recreate native web platform features, while at the same time adding unnecessary weight and complexity. This is challenging to unravel, especially when your framework or application dependencies break.

Enhance approaches things differently. It provides a dependable foundation built on standards-based web platform features, while offering quality of life improvements for developers and happy paths to delivering exceptional user experience. This allows developers to create web applications that are lightweight, flexible, and future-proof.

Our criteria for success

Author and deliver HTML pages

Enhance should allow developers to write components as pure functions that return HTML. These functions should render on the server to deliver complete HTML, available immediately to the end user.

Use web standards

Enhance should take care of the tedious parts of development, allowing you to use today’s web platform features more efficiently. As new standards and platform features become generally available, Enhance will make way for them.

Progressively enhance working HTML

Enhance should allow for easy progressive enhancement, so that working HTML can be further upgraded to include additional functionality with JavaScript.

The result

With Enhance, you spend more time adding new features to your projects and less time chasing breaking changes from dependencies. Your app can scale without ever-increasing build times and JavaScript payloads.

With direct access to all available browser APIs (like forms, validation, and style encapsulation), there is no need to cobble together libraries and polyfills to develop a complex application. Skeleton screens and spinners be gone! Flashes of unstyled content (FOUC) or layout shifts from delayed JavaScript don’t belong anymore.

Using just HTML, CSS, and a sprinkling of JavaScript, Enhance unlocks the delivery of complex dynamic applications in harmony with the web platform. It empowers developers to spend their time on interesting domain problems, leading to more engaging products with less thrash.

Experience how joyful web development can be — get started with Enhance today!