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Build for the browser

The @bundles plugin

For most of your browser needs you can use Enhance’s built-in browser pattern but at times you may have a component that has special imports like css-in-js that requires the abilities of ESBuild. In these situations you can use plugin-bundles to make your component available to the browser.


npm i @architect/plugin-bundles

Add the plugin and the components you want to bundle to your .arc file


autocomplete '/utils/autocomplete.mjs'

Basic Example

If you have written a bit of JS for your app that has an external dependency, you’ll likely want to bundle your script with its dependency.

Let’s use Algolia’s autocomplete as an example.

import { autocomplete } from '@algolia/autocomplete-js'

addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
    container: '#autocomplete',
    // ...

Assuming this file is located at /utils/autocomplete.mjs, update your .arc file (adding the @bundles line if needed) with this entry:

autocomplete '/utils/autocomplete.mjs'

The bundled asset will now be available at /_public/bundles/autocomplete.mjs and can be imported or referenced in a script tag.

<script type="module" src="/_public/bundles/autocomplete.mjs">

Multi-file Source to Single Bundle

If your project grows to a certain size, it can be beneficial to extract Web Component definitions (that is JS classes that extend HTMLElement) from their source in /app/elements/ into a common place.

For this example, we’ll create an arbitrary directory outside of app/ called components/ and place a couple classes there with an index file:

├── .arc
├── app/
└── components/
    ├── todo-list.mjs
    ├── todo-item.mjs
    └── index.mjs

The index file works as a manifest, exporting all requirements:

export { default as TodoList } from './todo-list.mjs'
export { default as TodoItem } from './todo-item.mjs'

We’ll update our .arc file, adding @bundles if it’s not already present:

todos '/components/index.mjs'

These classes can now be imported as needed.

import { TodoList, TodoItem } from '/_public/bundles/todos.mjs'

Bundling External Modules

You may want to install an external dependency for use in the browser. Enhance @bundles handles this, as well.

Example: wc-toast

wc-toast provides a nice custom element definition and accompanying API for creating alert messages in an application. We’ll install it as a project dependency:

npm i wc-toast

The wc-toast project ships with a nice entry point for a bundle. We will bundle and expose wc-toast’s main index file as “wc-toast” by updating .arc with:

wc-toast './node_modules/wc-toast/src/index.js'

The name “wc-toast” can be anything you’d like, but we prefer to stick as close to the source library’s name as possible.

Now, we’re able to import bundle, or a named export in this case, from the /_public/bundles/ endpoint:

import { toast } from '/_public/bundles/wc-toast.mjs'

TypeScript Web Components

With the @bundles feature, you can write browser code with TypeScript. It is automatically converted to browser compatible JavaScript and served to the client.

Example .ts Definition

Imagine we have a simple Web Component definition that lives in a components/ folder in our project root:

export class TodoItem extends HTMLElement {
  public label: string;
  public completed: boolean;
  checkbox: HTMLInputElement | null;

  constructor() {

    this.label = this.getAttribute("label") || "";
    this.completed = typeof this.getAttribute("completed") === "string";
    this.checkbox = this.querySelector("input");

  public static get observedAttributes(): string[] {
    return ["label", "completed"];

customElements.define("todo-item", TodoItem);

This example doesn’t do a whole lot yet, but it’s a good starting place. To have our todo-item.ts transpiled and served to our front end, just give it a name and a path in the project’s .arc file:

todo-item /components/todo-item.ts

Now it can be imported from your custom element or with a script tag:

import TodoItem from '/_public/bundles/todo-item.mjs'
<script type="module" src="/_public/bundles/todo-item.mjs">